Makula komplex Vitamin E Antioxidant, enhances the antioxidant activity of lutein, protects the retina.11,12 Vitamin C Antioxidant, enhances the antioxidant activity of lutein, protects the retina.9,10 Lutein & Zeaxanthin They are accumulated in the macula, via their antioxidant and photoprotective activities protect macula against oxidative stress.1,2,3 Zinc Helps functioning of different enzymes in the eye, protects the retina against oxidative stress, takes part in synthesis of rhodopsin.4,5,6 CopperPrevents potential anemia.7,8 Both formula and amount of nutrients are important.

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Makula komplex aredS 2 formula FOR THE HEALTH OF VISION Shop now
Makula komplex aredS2 formula

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Keep in mind preserving your vision!

Macula lutea is a small yellowish, pigmented area of the retina of the human eye. The macula provides the central, high-resolution, color vision. This part of the retina is responsible for sharp vision, which is essential for tasks such as reading, driving, and recognizing faces. If the macula is damaged, this type of vision is impaired.

The eye is one, if not the most important our sensory organ, which exposed to innumerable dangers throughout our lives. Even if we try to avoid a significant part of these hazards (e.g. contact with corrosive substances), there are still factors that gradually damage the integrity of our eyes. Let's see what these harmful factors are!

UV- radiation

Ultraviolet (UV) light can cause short- and long-term damage to your eyes, because UV-A rays can pass through the cornea and easily reach the lens and retina. Protecting your eyes from UV-radiation and blue light is important, so it is essential that your diet should be rich in antioxidants and vitamins.


The elastic properties of the eye tissues and the regeneration ability of these cells decrease above the age of 50. These changes are unavoidable but there is much we can do to slow it down.


Smoking tobacco has a negative effect on health. There are many substances in tobacco smoke, which get into the blood circulation, also affect your vision. Smoking can reduce blood flow in the body, which can damage the optic nerve.

Makula Komplex AREDS 2 FORMULA capsule contains lutein and zeaxanthin, which can absorb the harmful light rays, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and copper contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.


Micronutrients for preserving vision


Supplying the retina with appropriate micronutrients
Name of composition: AREDS 2 FORMULA

AREDs 2 formula

  • 10 mg Lutein
  • 2 mg Zeaxanthin
  • 400 NE Vitamin E
  • 500 mg Vitamin C
  • 2 mg Copper
  • 25 mg Zinc
AREDs 2 formula

Lutein and zeaxanthin are the major constituents of macular pigment. These pigment accumulate in the retina of the eye and they absorb harmful ultraviolet radiation and blue light. Furthermore lutein and zeaxanthin can reduce the harmful effects of oxidative stress due to their antioxidant, free radical scavenging properties.

Vitamin E and vitamin C are also important antioxidants. Among other things, vitamin E promoting the antioxidant effect of lutein while vitamin C contributes to the regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E. Copper contributes to normal iron transport in the body thereby ensuring the avoidance of possible zinc-induced anemia. Zinc supports the function of enzymes in eyes, so it contributes to the maintenance of normal vision.

To reduce the risk of vision impairment, it is important to supply the retina with appropriate micronutrients. The AREDS2 formula is a clinically proven micronutrient composition for vision health. Furthermore, in order to reduce additional risk factors, it is important to accept the following.

What can you do to preserve your vision?

  • quitting smoking
  • maintaining blood pressure
  • healthy eating
  • regular exercise
  • wearing glasses and sunglasses with effective UV protection
Makula komplex aredS 2 formula FOR THE HEALTH OF VISION Shop now
Makula komplex aredS2 formula

Nutrition advice

The human body cannot produce lutein and zeaxanthin, so we need to complement them with food. These pigments are found in large quantities in green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, broccoli, peas and romaine lettuce, but are even one of the most common colorants in egg yolk.

It has been shown that consuming few or poor quality vegetables does not guarantee optimal lutein intake. There is no maximum recommended daily dose, however, excessive intake can lead to yellowing of the skin (carotenodermia). Studies have shown that a daily intake of 10 mg of lutein is sufficient and effective.

As life expectancy at birth is constantly increasing, we must pay attention to ensuring a balanced quality of life. Part of our quality of life is also the protection of the health of our eyes, to which the regular intake of essential micronutrients contributes greatly.

Makula komplex aredS 2 formula FOR THE HEALTH OF VISION Shop now
Makula komplex aredS2 formula

The product is not a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose! Not recommended for children! People with allergies to fish should not take the product!

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